Remember the last time a Facebook or Google ad caught your eye? Perhaps you clicked that ad or link, browsed a few pages on a site, or read half of an article, or maybe even purchased an item? It’s likely this occurs to you often, as this type of ad is meant to quickly attract your attention and gain customers. Businesses use paid search options such as these to direct traffic towards their site, employing advertising programs like Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising. While this marketing technique is useful and may return positive results, it is best paired and balanced with organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Combining paid and organic search will not only significantly boost website traffic, but it will also yield a larger return on investment.

Organic search is based on natural rankings determined by search engines, and is optimized with various SEO practices that increase site visibility to relevant consumers. Organic search results deliver the most applicable information possible in relation to a user’s search query. SEO can often be overlooked or neglected as advertisers or businesses go for the quicker option of paid advertisements; however, a blended approach of both techniques is ultimately best for producing high performing content.

Social Media and paid search ads may temporarily generate higher traffic, but this practice can be costly, result in high bounce rates, and lower customer retention. Paid advertisements offer users instant gratification; a reason to stop by once, but not necessarily a reason to return. Organic SEO offers contrasting results; with organic search, the user is seeking out specific products, businesses, or publications. If a user finds what they are searching for and is provided a positive experience, they will most likely become a repeat customer.

Organic search results provide consumers with what they actually desire; paid ads merely put information in front of users who happen to fall into a specific demographic. We live in a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) world, dominated by paid ads on every social media platform and search engine. However, a successful marketing campaign should never rely solely upon social media advertisements, AdWords, sponsored links, etc. A business’s online advertising strategy may contain paid search or social media campaigns, but it should also stand on a solid foundation of search engine optimized content.

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Megan Missildine

Moxy’s Lead Developer, the Khaleesi of Wordpress, and aspiring dog portrait artist.