Just for fun, let’s compare a baseball to your client engagement strategy. You throw a baseball and it stays in the hands of the catcher until the catcher is prompted to throw the baseball back to you. If that baseball is your client’s business, you may not get it back unless you initiate some action. Now, consider the way a boomerang works. You throw it, and it comes right back to you. You don’t wait on another person to keep communication going with a client once a transaction has taken place. It costs a lot more time and money to acquire new customers than it does to get repeat business from your existing clients. Be proactive in your client engagement strategy, so their business keeps coming back like a boomerang. Here are some methods we use to keep our clients coming back for more business:

1) Treat them like your friends and check in!
As I mentioned earlier, acquiring new business is a lengthy process. You have to become a friend of sorts to your clients by the time you actually begin to work on their project.Take the time to get to know them, their business, and develop their trust, then cultivate that relationship. You don’t just stop talking to your friends! Even if there is nothing that you can offer the client at the time, the occasional friendly call/email can result in more business at a later date. Moxy has a fabulous repeat customer base, because we are authentic, friendly, and provide a fantastic product at a fractional cost.

2) Help your clients make more money

This goes back to being a good friend. Stay up to date with your client’s business ventures, and show your support through shout outs on social media. This will relay to the client that you genuinely care about the success of their business, and provide you with more credibility to offer feedback. If you observe something that your client can improve to increase cash flow, be a friend and tell them! It is their prerogative to take your advice, but the trust is already established and they know that you have their best interest at heart. Moxy’s clients continue to come back with new business because they have experienced the positive effects of using our services firsthand. Boomerang.

3) Remind your clients of everything you offer
Just because the client doesn’t pour all of their budget towards every service your business offers, doesn’t mean that they won’t need those services in the future. Some people will tell you they only need one of the services your business offers for budgeting reasons, or lack of understanding. We have had repeat clients come back for more services once they’re more solvent, or they return because they realize the importance of marketing once they’ve seen success in other marketing venues. Stay informed about your client’s business and find gaps you can fill with additional services. We find more often than not, our clients forget about all the services we offer after we’ve had our introductory meeting. Once a project is started that utilizes a specific service, the other services your business provides can fall to the way side. Remind your clients about what your business can offer them when you periodically check in, and you never know when they may fly back to you like a boomerang.

4) Offer trial periods in order to upsell!
Getting clients to make a decision about using your business can be like pulling teeth. Many of times, they just don’t understand the value of your services until they see it firsthand. Being flexible, accommodating, and understanding has been the deciding factor for many clients of Moxy. For example, one of our clients had a marketing strategy that seemed as old as their 19th century building. We gave them an option to try one of our services for 3 months to see how it will improve their business, and they are already excited about the next level of services we can offer. Give your clients a chance to spend a little time getting to know your company on a smaller scale, and they will be coming back for more as fast as you can say boomerang!

At Moxy we pride ourselves in being authentic and transparent with our clients. Our clients feel safe with us, informed, and valued. That’s why many continue to return to us for business. It’s a mutual relationship: we help them make money with our services, and they help us save money by returning for services. So remember, a baseball stays put until the other player makes the next move. Be the boomerang…keep your client engagement fluid and continuous. Show your clients you #DigWhatYouDo.