Let’s face it, running a small business is like drinking through a fire hose at all times. Who has the time to grow their small business and generate new sales, while just trying to keep operations afloat? Social media is one of the most important marketing tools for small to mid-sized businesses to acquire new business and build their brand. Some people have a natural talent and the time to keep their social media platforms in a steady state of growth. We’ll call them the social butterflies. However, we’ve found with many of our clients that they don’t have the time, or patience, to grow their social media audience and keep up with the ever transient trends that saturate the social media world. So, why is it important to be a social media savant?

Increased brand recognition. Social Media Today claims that 21% of small businesses are spending and HOUR or MORE on social media marketing EVERYDAY! If you’ve got that kind of time and talent to give your social media presence its due, good for you! If not, I’d strongly recommend handing the reins over to an agency, like Moxy. Creative agencies understand how to increase brand awareness and will keep the integrity of your businesses’ voice, while using marketing expertise to keep new customers and cash coming your way.

Inescapable Ads! Sponsored ads on social media are affordable and effective. As a business owner, you can target your audience by location, demographic, search queries, etc. As a targeted social media user (potential customer), you can’t escape those ads. Your businesses’ brand becomes engrained in the user’s social media feed along with everything else they follow, and therefore becomes more human. Once the user follows your business on social media the user is over 50% more likely to stay loyal to your brand. Your brand shows up amongst the users “friends,” so they are more likely to treat you like their friend. Don’t know how to tackle this kind of ad creation? Moxy can help!

Traffic to your website. Your website is where you make your brand shine! You want everyone to visit your website to show off your brand and tell your story. Forbes claims that 80% of businesses implied that their social media efforts increased traffic to their website. This is especially important if your site contains ecommerce, or announces special deals. Hint hint, if your business doesn’t have a website, you might want to get on that, and of course, Moxy can help with that too.

Having trouble tackling your social strategy? Moxy will be your shoulder to lean on when it comes to taming that marketing beast. We offer affordable social media strategy and consultation to help your business stay bangin’! Here at Moxy, we’re already social butterflies.