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Our Story

Why We Dig What We Do

(Mok- see): a slang term for daring, bold, fearless.

Moxy isn’t your typical staffing firm. Our Talent Agency recruits and places passive talent with start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and anything in between. We take a fearless approach to staffing and a bold approach to creativity. We just do things differently! You dig?

The Moxy Story

Moxy has an attention-grabbing brand…our walls are painted orange and purple, we have a 70’s inspired mascot, and pretty much all our slogans use an excess of suggestion and innuendos…So, it’s no surprise that Moxy garnered the attention of Brandy and Kelly back in 2012. Having met each other for the first time on their first day, Brandy and Kelly developed a crush on the brand and solidified a sisterhood (a bond which the bank has informed us will last a minimum of 10 years)!

Both purchased ownership in 2013 and quickly realized the challenges in front of them. With an initial leadership team of four, Moxy had No Vision, No Unity and No Money. They struggled, as many small businesses do. When the conversation turned how to fix the issues, scary terms were thrown around, think: close doors…sell…buy-out. With several options on the table, Brandy and Kelly decided to stop “making do” and start Making Change Be. After all, that is Moxy’s creed.

Determined to fulfill the potential of Moxy, the two #girlbosses fought for funding and gathered the necessary support to take Moxy to the next level….and they did it all in 4-inch heels. After buying out the company from the prior partners, Moxy became a woman-owned business and the naysayers took notice. As the new owners of Moxy, Brandy and Kelly are moving forward with their vision for the company: showcase local talent in an innovative and creative way, build creative assets for companies that add value to their business, and represent the Birmingham community with pride.

Meet the Team

Adriane Ireland

"“We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong.""

Talent Agent, Resident Therapist and Tour Guide

  • Freakishly quick at calculating sales percentages
  • Won a karaoke contest in Scotland while performing “Gangsters Paradise”
  • Flirted with Bob Barker in an effort to be on The Price Is Right- true story
  • Loves to travel and has taken a selfie in 19 different countries
  • Licensed Counselor… to all staff.

Alyson Roberson

"“Not all who wander are lost.”"

Talent Agent, New Mom and office Target lady

  • Secretly aspires to live in Raven Claw
  • Inventor of the CWC diet- Coffee. Wine. Cheese
  • Won a Locust eating contest in Thailand
  • 4+ years in experience in Human Resources and Retail

Sarah McClendon

"Be good or be good at it"

Office Manager, Smiling Face of Moxy, and the Chaos Diffuser

Obsessed with Taylor Swift
Candle Sniffer
Has swam with sharks (REAL sharks!)
Never wears matching socks

Kelly Knudsen

"If you want to make a difference, you've got to be different."

Co-Owner, Office Evangelist, and THE Sales Force

  • Chairman of The Panther Tattoo Advocacy Small Group
  • Maintains a love/hate relationship with Iron Tribe
  • Lived in New York during September 11th
  • 10 years’ experience in sales, marketing, and management

Brandy Herschbach (AKA B-Money)

"Failure is success if we learn from it."

Co-Owner, Office Barista, and the entire Accounting Department

  • Determined to split Chicken & Waffles with Snoop Dog
  • Aspiring Comedian, Rapper and Sitcom Writer
  • Developed the ‘cost per wear’ algorithm *patent pending
  • 16 years’ experience in the staffing and recruitment intelligence business

Moxy Blog

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